Use eight note - battery-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-13
( 1) Be careful not to continuous use of starter, every time start should not exceed 5 s, 10 s - should be separated between two D15s, lest be caused a large number of discharge plate arch damage. ( 2) Note found electricity shortage should be timely supplement charge; According to the season change, checking and adjusting the density of the electrolyte to the pit; Use the electrolyte should be pure, preparation of electrolyte should be used in high purity of sulfuric acid and distilled water. ( 3) Pay attention to the shell surface state, found that the sealing glue crack, broken shell, extremely serious wear and tear or rupture, should be timely repair. ( 4) Pay attention to the use of low temperature and special heat preservation, antifreezing measures should be taken, and in advance to take engine preheating temperature, avoid cold machine start, causing a lot of battery discharge. ( 5) Often with warm water scrub clean net shell and electrode column clamp head electrolyte and dirt, and then coated with a layer of vaseline oil film, avoid corrosion column and wire clamp, keep the shell dry clean. ( 6) Check the electrolyte level, liquid level is located at the Max - shall be maintained Dmin between lines, liquid level is too low to make up add distilled water, after the winter filled with distilled water should immediately make the engine run for a few minutes, the electrolyte mixed evenly, in case the new refill distilled water ice; When adding distilled water to prevent impurities such as iron filings fall into the battery. ( 7) Note charging hole plug to tighten, the vent screw plug keep unobstructed, otherwise the battery will produce gas casing damage at work. ( 8) Attention will be given to distinguish when loading the battery positive and negative, iron polarity can't make a mistake, so as not to damage the generator. To be removed when the first tear open a tear open wire wire again; Installation of fire, before they are loaded by iron wire, avoid to produce edm.
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