Use and maintenance of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-19
Although lead-acid batteries are strictly selected when they leave the factory, after a certain period of use, unevenness between the single batteries will appear and gradually become larger, and the charger does not have the selectivity and recognition when charging. Check the balance of the battery. Check whether the charging and discharging voltage and capacity of the individual cells in the battery pack are consistent. This is a meticulous work and is also indispensable for routine maintenance. It is not possible to supplement undercharged batteries separately and overcharged batteries. To limit the amount of charging, how to balance the capacity of each single battery depends on routine maintenance. It is recommended that users regularly or irregularly measure the open circuit voltage of each battery in the middle and late stages of the battery pack. If the voltage is lower, charge it separately. Make it the same voltage and capacity as other batteries and minimize the gap.  The battery must be placed upright under any circumstances. The battery must not be placed horizontally or upside down to prevent the large amount of gas inside the battery from being able to be discharged from the exhaust valve smoothly, especially when charging lead-acid batteries, otherwise the shell may burst.
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