UPS uninterruptible power supply battery removal method

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-15

Removal method of UPS uninterruptible power supply battery:

1. After receiving the notice that the battery can be replaced, the implementation engineer of the rechargeable battery will prepare on-site: to ensure the confidentiality of the uninterrupted power supply Key power supply system, recording of old and new batteries, camera tightness in the host room, and pre-prepared carbon dioxide fire fighting. Before replacing the battery, rechargeable battery and each layer of rechargeable battery measuring instrument. Ensure that the actual effect of the battery is consistent with the original condition.

2. The battery of the uninterruptible power switch power supply server is completely removed and solved, and the power switch between the power server and the lithium battery pack is cut off. The original lithium battery rechargeable battery was removed, and the rechargeable battery replacement engineer was responsible for the removal of the rechargeable battery. Disassemble the rechargeable battery in the house, disassemble the rechargeable battery electrode and the rechargeable battery terminal screws, and place the small box neatly to ensure the host. After the old rechargeable battery is removed, the old rechargeable battery and the old rechargeable battery rack are neatly arranged in the position required by the bidder. The new rechargeable battery frame assembly is set up in the position, the new rechargeable battery has just been installed, and the new rechargeable battery is placed on the rechargeable battery wall. After connecting a set of rechargeable batteries, check whether the electrode connection line of the rechargeable battery terminal is solid; check whether the total working voltage of the battery is normal, and whether the positive and negative connections of the rechargeable battery are appropriate.

3. At the end of the battery operation, the total working voltage of the battery pack and the distribution of the positive and negative neutral points of the battery pack were checked by a digital multimeter. Ensure that the battery pack and the uninterruptible power supply server work normally after turning off the lithium battery power switch, so that the UPS power supply system software on the uninterruptible power supply resumes work. Then check the working frequency, current, battery charging working voltage, working posture and other conditions and records. The main parameters of the liquid crystal display are observed by one person, and the main parameters of the rechargeable battery are adjusted to ensure that the rechargeable battery is not prone to false warnings during all normal service life. After the uninterruptible power supply server is adjusted, turn off the key power switch of the uninterruptible power supply server to simulate common voltage failures and test whether the software of the uninterruptible power supply system can be changed from the voltage to the lithium battery power supply system. After the battery replacement work is completed, clean the uninterruptible power supply room to remove dirt and ensure a good atmosphere in the uninterruptible power supply room. Prepare the host room before repairing the battery and replacing it. The new battery should be charged for at least 24 hours to ensure that the new rechargeable battery is fully charged.

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