UPS power supply As the industry pays more and more attention to the energy consumption of HVDC continuous power system data center

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-17


High-voltage DC discontinuous power system

   Although the power supply in cities in various countries is AC, the equipment uses DC power supply inside, which provides DC power supply It's possible. In fact, the communication industry has been using DC 48V power supply for decades, and the power industry has also long used DC 220V as the operation and control power supply (DC screen) of equipment such as circuit breakers.

   Traditional UPS equipment has problems such as low efficiency, poor reliability, poor sensitivity and scalability, and difficulty in repairing after failure. Therefore, the industry is constantly looking for solutions to replace UPS. The existing mainstream high-voltage DC power system diagram is fundamentally different from the 48V DC system architecture in the communications industry. The main difference from the traditional double-conversion online UPS system is that the inverter link is eliminated, the battery is connected to the DC bus, and the rectifier is connected in parallel, and at the same time, it supplies power to the IT equipment. Due to the simple topology of the DC power supply, the failure rate is lower than ups.

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