UPS power on and off for the first time

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-10
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The first turn-on and turn-off time of the UPS power supply: 2020-07-17 17:49 Source: Unknown Author: admin Click :Times

The engineer of UPS power supply below will give you a detailed explanation about the first startup and shutdown of UPS power system?

 ups power on for the first time

  (1) Close the switches in the following order: energy storage battery switch→automatic bypass switch→output switch turn ON'.

  (2) Press the UPS start panel open button, the UPS power system will start slowly, the inverter indicator will be on, and after a delay of 1 minute, the bypass indicator will go out, and the UPS will switch to inverter power supply to complete the startup.

  After running for about 10 minutes without load, start the load according to the order of starting the load power from small to large.

  ups power supply daily power on

   just press the UPS panel on , After about 20 minutes, you can turn on the computer or other instruments. Usually, wait for the UPS to start and enter stable operation before turning on the power switch of the load equipment (Note: The manual maintenance switch is in the OFF' state when the UPS is operating normally).

  ups power off

   first turn off the computer or other instruments, let the UPS run without load for 10 minutes, and then press the panel key after the heat in standby is discharged.

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