UPS power battery charging - the advantages of fast-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-09-01
The superiority of UPS power battery fast charge: ( 1) Greatly shorten the charging time, charging efficiency exponentially according to the conventional charging method, at the beginning of the new lead-acid battery charging need 72 - 100 h, and have to repeated several times to charge and discharge, so that the plate active substances in a total reduction of lead dioxide and spongy lead, achieve the rated capacity. Normal charging in this way, also need to more than 20 h. With quick charger to at the beginning of the new battery charging, no more than 10 h can achieve its rated capacity, ordinary charge no more than 3 h. ( 2) Can increase the capacity of the battery with fast charging technology, not only can remove the plate around the various polarization voltage, and can increase the depth of the plate of chemical reaction, reduction of active material, so that the battery capacity is increased. ( 3) To cure effective fast charging output is large current pulse, so can make some sulfide to restore the surface of the plate material activated, even can make some because of sulfide and cannot be used rechargeable battery back. ( 4) Save power that's obvious, shorten the charging time itself to save the electricity. At the beginning of the new battery charging, for example, small current slow filling, takes 8 times the capacity of the battery power, to finish at the beginning of charging, Not including electrical energy consumed by a charge and discharge cycle several times) And quick charge, by contrast, consumes only half of the electricity.
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