UPS battery discriminant method-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-09-01
Battery is good or bad judgment has a dedicated battery meter, but the average users rarely have this kind of instrument, is only a multimeter. Judge the battery during maintenance of the following points summarize, for your reference. 1, judging by appearance: to observe the appearance deformation, bulging, discharge, fracture blast, burning, screw joint presence of oxide leakage, etc. 2, take measurements: if no abnormal appearance, UPS work in battery mode, with a certain amount of load, if the time of discharge is obviously shorter than the normal discharge time, charging after eight hours, but can't restore normal standby time, determine the battery aging. 3, measured with A multimeter: A mode, battery discharge measurement: measure the voltage of the battery in the battery pack, if one or more of the voltage of the battery show higher or lower than the nominal voltage ( Nominal voltage of 12 v/day) To determine the battery aging. B, mains mode measurement: all the charge voltage at the battery in the battery pack, if one or more of the battery charging voltage reveal higher or lower than the other, determine the battery aging. C, measuring the total voltage of the battery pack: battery voltage always significantly lower than the nominal value ( Nominal value is 36 v C1K battery, for example) After 8 hours, charging is not back to normal, even return to normal, can not meet the normal discharge time, discharge time determine cell aging. D, battery boot measurement: UPS don't boot, also don't answer the mains, use multimeter measure the battery voltage, first C1K, for example, the voltage may be 36 v - at the moment Between 40 v, belongs to the normal, pens and don't leave, has been pegged to the multimeter's instructions, and then connect the power button, if the battery voltage always immediately dropped to below 30 v and 10 volts, UPS automatically shut down, shut down voltage immediately after the return to the original value. Determine the battery aging.
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