UPS batteries should be regularly checked for battery terminal voltage and internal resistance

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-18
Labels: UPS batteries should be regularly checked for battery terminal voltage and internal resistance. In daily life, the reason why UPS power is used is to ensure the normal operation of power and prevent data loss or loss due to power failure. Then the UPS battery can supply power because of UPS battery. If the battery fails, there is no backup power supply. How can we know if the UPS battery is normal? A very simple and direct method is to check the voltage and resistance of the battery regularly. For a 12V UPS battery, if the terminal voltage difference between each unit cell exceeds 0.4V or the internal resistance of the battery exceeds 80mΩ during the inspection, each unit cell should be charged in equalization to restore the internal battery. Block and eliminate the terminal voltage imbalance between each unit cell. When equalizing charging, the charging voltage can be 13.5~13.8V. The vast majority of batteries that have undergone a well-balanced charging process can restore their internal resistance to below 30mΩ. During the operation of the UPS power supply, the above-mentioned imbalance caused by the changes in the battery characteristics of each unit UPS over time cannot be eliminated by the internal charging circuit of the UPS power supply. Therefore, the obvious imbalance of this characteristic has occurred. If the battery pack is not charged with offline equalization in time, its imbalance will become more and more serious, which will directly affect the effect of UPS power supply.
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