University questions about car batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-28
Purchase:   Maintenance-free is the mainstream at present  First of all, we must understand, what is the role of the battery? First, it must supply power to the starter and ignition system, so that the engine can start;    second, after the engine starts, it supplies power to electrical equipment such as audio and air conditioning;    third, it is a very important function that is not easy to know. It is used as a capacitor to absorb the instantaneous high voltage in the circuit to protect many electronic components on the car.  As an indispensable part of automobiles, batteries are currently mainly divided into traditional lead-acid batteries and maintenance-free batteries, and the latter is currently the mainstream in the market. If you say the main difference, simply put, the former can be supplemented by adding electrolyte, while the latter does not require supplementary maintenance due to its structural advantages. The question is, how can we buy qualified batteries? In fact, when you buy a battery, you can’t tell by looking at it. The main reason is that you can use a dedicated computer to see if it is qualified, especially whether the battery has enough power. 'But in fact, now businesses don't use a dedicated computer to show you.' There are a total of 6 cells in the car battery, each of which is 2 volts, for a total of 12 volts. Therefore, you can ask the merchant to test with a testing instrument. If it is exactly 12 volts, there is no problem. 'One less volt will not work, because as long as one cell is broken, the battery cannot be used.'    Of course, pay attention when buying a battery. The battery must meet the size, but also to see the two values u200bu200bof the battery capacity and the starting current. Generally, we should choose two values u200bu200bgreater than or equal to the original car battery. In addition, there is another very important thing, that is, do not buy batteries that are left for too long. 'Just like ordinary batteries, because there is moisture in the air, the battery will slowly discharge by itself.' Therefore, it is best to buy a battery 'fresh   'There are many kinds of battery brands on the market, but which one you buy depends on your own needs.' Brands such as Expo and Fengfan are better brands, but relatively expensive. As for the type, maintenance-free batteries are currently the most common. 'Now new cars are basically maintenance-free, which is convenient.' The old models used wet batteries, that is, the kind that can add electrolyte by themselves, but this type of battery is not environmentally friendly and not convenient, so Now basically new models no longer use this kind of battery. As for the maintenance-free battery, since the owner cannot do the maintenance by himself, it is generally not necessary to worry about anything, just replace it when the service life is over.  Use:   Good habits are the most important. In fact, buying the right battery is only the first step, and how to develop good habits in the future is the key. There may be a question from the car owner: driving a good habit is necessary to save fuel. How come you have never heard of a battery that requires good use habit? In fact, this is related to the characteristics of the battery. According to experts, as mentioned above, if the battery is left unused, it will discharge by itself. However, if the battery is discharged for too long, it will eventually cause insufficient battery power or no electricity at all. And such consequences will cause the car to fail to start.   What if I get to this point? Experts said that at this time, it is possible to 'hitch a car for chargingBut if it’s been left for too long and the battery is completely out of power, at this time 'hitch charging' will not work. You can only take out the battery and charge it with a charger.   In order to avoid this situation, how to maintain it, that is, to develop a good usage habit is very important. The key to maintenance is not to keep the battery discharged for a long time. 'If you are often in a state of not being fully charged, the life of the battery will definitely be shortened.' Therefore, experts suggest that if you know that you will not be driving for a long time, it is best to drive the car every ten days and wait for ten minutes. , So that the battery is fully charged. And if you usually drive a lot, it depends on whether you often commute to work in urban areas for short distances. 'If it is only a long-term commute to and from the city, the distance is only a dozen kilometers, and it is easy to break because of often insufficient charging.' In this case, it is best to run long distances every once in a while.
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