Uniform battery charge

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-19

  Battery charge uniformity

  The battery has a good equalizing voltage function. In our country, there are many specifications for the battery. For example, the Ministry of Culture and Information YD/T799- -The 1996 specification requires that the voltage difference of 2V battery charging at a suitable temperature cannot be about 50MV, and the voltage difference cannot exceed 20MV when the power is disconnected; the Ministry of Electric Power DL/T637-1997 specification requires: 25℃, such as batteries The system uses 2V/cell, the difference between the highest and lowest open-circuit voltage does not exceed 30mV, the 6V/cell does not exceed 40mV, and the 12V/cell does not exceed 60mV. Generally, the number of parallel battery groups should not exceed 4 groups. In order to avoid premature failure of the entire battery system, when selecting TL batteries, requirements should be put forward in terms of functional uniformity. After determining the battery type, it is best to require the manufacturer to supply the same batch of battery products in a set of UPS system to reduce the difference in function. From this we can understand that there are big differences in the goals between batteries with different brands or different time. According to my point of view, it is best not to use them together, otherwise it will cause new The function of the battery is lagging behind. After selecting the VRLA, it must be maintained and managed within a certain period of time to prevent the battery from being unusable very early. Contact: Power Kingdom


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