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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-18
According to Taiwan labor institute of green, the latest data show that silicon solar battery import will be from the current thickness of about 170 - ultra-thin technology 150 m further thin, in addition to reduce the amount of silver, is expected to accelerate more per watt model of this drop to zero. Below $4 or less. Green engineering institute, according to a report by ultra-thin silicon battery technology was used to analyze the estimate, 170 m thickness and other materials combined module production cost last year was about 0. $67, and 2016 m in 150 the total cost for battery assembly at 0. $54. As the existing process compatibility of thin wafer battery efficient solutions in ultra-thin, green can estimation in various manufacturing diligence will challenge module overall production costs have fallen to around 2018 0 per watt. Below $4, but thinning also yield control problems. Another can fall in the cost of silicon solar cell thinning technology, SEMI is 2016 - In 2018 there will be a generation of leap, mainly from 125 m fall much further to 50 m in cells in addition to silver dosage will continue to reduce, About 100 mg in half) from each battery When copper electrode is also expected to import market.
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