u200bThe principle of open circuit voltage

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-21
Tags: u200bPrinciple of open circuit voltage Open circuit voltage refers to the voltage between the two terminals of the battery when the battery is in a non-working state, that is, when there is no current flowing through the circuit when the battery is not connected to any load. The open circuit voltage cannot be used as a standard to measure the battery voltage, but the measured open circuit voltage of a single battery can be compared with each other, and the state of charge change of the battery itself at different times can also be measured as a reference. In other words, the open circuit voltage of the battery can be measured to determine how much battery capacity is left in storage and determine whether to recharge. The open circuit voltage is different from the working voltage. The working voltage of a lead-acid battery is also called the terminal voltage, which refers to the potential difference between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery when the current in the circuit is over. In the battery discharge state, when the current flows inside the battery, there is no need to overcome the resistance caused by the internal resistance of the battery, so the working voltage is always lower than the open circuit battery, and the opposite is true when charging. Any electric facility can be the load of the battery, but the rated voltage of the load must be the same as that of the battery, and the power of the load should be equivalent to the capacity of the battery.
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