Suspected cold caused by short circuit of more than two hundred automobile battery deflagration -Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-15
Automobile fire strength burn 2 clock yesterday night, were only a few degrees Celsius, the temperature and cold wind rain has not stopped. 10 PM the night before last, however, is located in the city of zen Buddhism was a scrap yard is the fire of the road. Reporters yesterday at about 12 in the morning after receiving source rushed to the scene, in the way of Florida, reporter saw many fire trucks pipe connected together, parked on a fire hydrant. The reporter understands, is a metal recycling company, fire and fire site is located in the open-air focus stacking in the automobile. The manufacturer a personnel, according to the automobile are discarded vehicles, cars, trucks and consists car and so on, more than 200 vehicles, folding layer 3 & other Lohan & throughout; 。 At 1 PM yesterday, the reporter on the staff dormitory near the point of ignition 3 floor, through the torch lighting can clearly see that eyes continued to blast a smoke. Until at 3 PM, the rest of the little fire was put out completely. The witness to the people, Mr Ma is found early fire. The night before last 10 PM, near Florida road on Mr Ma and see a factory building burst into flames. Haven't go to the door of the burning workshop, Mr. Ma I heard there were scratching noise inside. “ The fire starts from the car in, the light is very bright, all the staff dormitory building exterior wall near as red. ” Mr Ma said. Rescue: 120 after the fire, fire officers and men together to battle out fire in a total of more than 20 fire engines and 120 firefighters to the scene to rescue. Zen city fire brigade brigade long dragon parity, core when the fire is the most fierce fire area about 600 square meters. The night before last received alarm at 4 PM, after ten minutes, zen city fire squadron, three squadron and secret squadron first arrived on the scene. Because of the fire hydrant is almost worthless, the fire in & other; Ocean's car & throughout; The upcoming put out, once the fire spread, then keijo three squadron reinforcements. The zero hour, 20 basic put out the fire. At 3 am, the rest of the small fire was put out. Firefighters said the two metal recycling companies the fire broke out on the indoor fire hydrant, but because of the small water pressure almost worthless, and next to a paper factory two fire hydrant was completely rust eat to live. The firemen had to to Florida or meters from the road, with more than the fire relay for water fire extinguishing. “ Finding water cost a lot of time, in addition, because is a fire in the car pile, we can not enter, only in the peripheral water jet. ” Firefighters said. Reason for suspected battery short circuit ignition oil residue in the rainy day why automobile heap will burst into flames? A staff told reporters that declined to be named the manufacturer should be rain water make scrap car battery short circuit, a spark ignited after the rest of the oil tank, which caused the fire. The most began to burn up the factory, is a useless car. , he says, because of the river on both sides of the engineering, the company's parking lot for a small 3 acres, before the car had to be into 3 storey height. “ Accumulation of the vehicle can not afford time to remove the battery and the rest of the oil tank. The key is still have some car oil, after the rain make the battery short circuit allows the oil to burn up. ” He said. In addition, he also said, fortunately, it was the north wind blowing, otherwise the consequences may be more serious. “ East and more than a dozen car consists of further east distance is about 3 meters, staff dormitory dormitory 5 meters east is characteristic, if then turn east wind, the consequence is unimaginable. ” He said.
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