Storage and maintenance of batteries Jiangxi Battery Factory

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-19

  Storage and maintenance of battery Jiangxi Battery Factory

  1. The battery must be stored in a clean, dry and ventilated storage room with an ambient temperature between 5 and 40 degrees.

   2. The battery should not be stored in electrolyte. In special circumstances, it needs to be stored in electrolyte, after charging and discharging, charge it once a month, and charge it once every three months.

  Monitoring and maintenance:

  1. The battery must be stored in a clean and dry environment with a temperature between 5 and 40 degrees And a ventilated storage room.

   2. The battery does not use electrolyte storage. When electrolyte storage is required under special circumstances, after the battery is fully charged, it should be charged once a month, and a complete charge-discharge cycle should be performed every three months.

  3. Do not use sewage, well water or water containing impurities to prepare electrolytes.

  4. Keep the battery and cable clean. The height of the liquid level is strictly controlled within the specified range. When using the battery, the electrolyte evaporation causes the liquid level to drop. Distilled water is used to replenish the liquid level in time, and it is not allowed to replenish the electrolyte.

   5. The battery contains a small amount of combustible gas, so the vent on the liquid plug should be kept unobstructed. Keep away from open flames during use or storage to prevent accidental explosion of combustible gas in the fire.

  6. The battery should not be exposed to direct sunlight and placed upside down.

   7. Discarded batteries should be collected and stored centrally to avoid environmental pollution.


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