Steps to start UPS power supply and points for attention in use

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-23
Label: Steps to start the UPS power supply:   (1) First supply power to the load in the mains bypass mode;   (2) After confirming that the output wireless circuit is short-circuited and there is no overload, start it without load without load;   (3) in In the second step, on the basis of normal operation, disconnect the mains power and check whether the battery inverter is normal;    (4) After reconnecting the power to the market, add load operation, and check whether the mains/inverter operation under load is normal;   (5 ) Turn on/off the mains switch in the distribution box once every 3 minutes, a total of more than 5 times, and test whether the machine is normal (Note: It is strictly prohibited to use the mains switch on the machine for this test). Safety of UPS power supply: When the machine is turned on for the first time, press the switch first, and keep your fingers away from the button. Focus on the startup of the machine. Once there is abnormal noise, burning or other unpleasant smells or smoke, it should be turned off machine. Note: The door panel must be closed or closed when starting up to prevent accidental explosion of electrolytic capacitors and other components and injury! UPS power supply necessary guidance: the installation and commissioning of medium and large machines must be supervised by professionals on site, or during installation/debugging. Through the manufacturer’s professional and technical personnel telephone online guidance to complete the whole process. The principle of daily power on/off: the machine should be started on a daily basis: the principle of starting with no load and then gradually increasing the load. Daily shutdown should be followed: the principle of gradually turning off the load and then turning off. Frequent turning on/off will increase the failure rate of the machine, so you only need to turn off/on the load when you go off/off to work!    Second, the use of UPS power supply Note:    (1) Matching relationship: UPS power supply high-frequency machine is only suitable for commercial occasions. UPS power supply in the industrial field needs to use a power frequency machine! When EPS is used for lighting, you must refer to the power factor of various specific lamps: fluorescent lamp is 0.6-0.8, incandescent lamp and halogen tungsten lamp are 1 (such as 1KW lighting type EPS can only be equipped with 800W electronic fluorescent lamps or 600W inductive fluorescent lamps or 1000W incandescent lamps. The best load rate of UPS/EPS machine for long-term operation is less than 70%, which is good for the machine and load!    (2) Dismantling machine Note: The user cannot increase the load or dismantle the machine at will during the operation Machine!    (3) Battery maintenance: For users in areas where the mains power has not been cut off for a long time, in order to maintain the battery life and test the inverter function of the machine, the battery should be inverted and discharged every two months! Note: The old and new batteries in the same set of batteries cannot be mixed! Capacity /Different models can not be mixed! The old battery capacity is less than 60% of the calibrated capacity and cannot be used on the UPS power supply. It should be replaced in time! Otherwise, the possibility of damage to the UPS power supply will increase!
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