Starting method for dead car battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-09

For car batteries, losing power is really a headache. What should we do? In fact, the problem is very simple. We can solve how to start the car, because after the start, the engine can drive the generator to generate electricity and it can drive. The following is the starting method for a dead car battery:

Electricity Solution 1: Starting with the cart

Considering the specific situation, if the car can flash and emit a horn when walking on the road, only the starting motor is fatigued, and the manual car can start from the cart, but can actually hang 2 or 3 blocks, step on the clutch, trolley, when the speed is constant, when the clutch is loose, the car can start.

Propeller start is the most understood and effective way to solve car battery failures, but it is a unique way and cannot be used often because it causes certain damage to diesel engines and clutches, especially to prevent automatic vehicles. Application in this way.

Trams usually have to be started by two people. If there is only one driver, they cannot start.

Specific methods

First, it depends on whether the real-time parking position is suitable for the start of the car. You can rely on the downhill speed. If the car climbs in front, the car will be fatigued and the speed will be difficult to increase. , So the trolley should be adjusted downhill. Do not start more road cars on cars and non-motorized vehicles as much as possible, in order to prevent the driver from unhealthy accidents after driving. Stop gradually.

The car should be turned on before the ignition. When it is very fast, divide the gearbox into two parts, quickly loosen the clutch pedal and give oil. Once the module is started, you should quickly step on the clutch pedal, except for manipulating the accelerator pedal, do not stop the fire, and then stop gradually.

The car battery is dead. Solution 2: Emergency start

When the battery is low, you can choose this way to start emergency.

How to do it

Bring the two cars close until the jumper cable is enough to connect the positive and negative poles of the two batteries. Be careful to ensure that the two cars do not touch, and only allow cables with sufficient load-bearing capacity and skin insulation. If the outlet of the switching power supply bottle at the car installation site is not convenient to start grounding, it is necessary to use a special tool to remove the battery.

Determine the positive and negative poles of the two batteries, and use cables to connect the positive pole and the positive pole, and the negative pole and the negative pole respectively. Please note that the positive and negative ends of the battery cannot be wrong, and ensure the reliable connection of the cable. Set the direction of the cable to avoid scratches by the rubber or the cooling fan when the cable starts, so as to better solve the problem of no electricity in the car battery.

The car battery is dead. Solution 3: Charging start

If there is no electricity, you can use the battery cable to connect the battery to other people to borrow other The human battery starts. But it is best to remove the battery from the storage battery charge, because the battery is completely shut down, the short-term battery charging of the car cannot be charged, it must be based on the long-term battery charging to repair the storage capacity.

If you have a portable charging head, you can charge the car battery immediately without removing the battery. If the car is driven less, the best parking is to buy one by yourself, the price is very cheap, tens of yuan each, you must buy the kind of switching power supply that can be fully charged and self-stop smart charger.

Or prepare the battery in advance.

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