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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-19
In recent years, with the rapid development of the lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead industry, our country has become a global lead-acid battery production, consumption and export power. However, some enterprises small in scale, backward technology, low pollution control level, result in lead contamination happened frequently, a serious threat to people health, affect social stability. Five ministries jointly issued the 'promote the development of lead battery and the regenerated lead industry standard opinion'. Which, by 2015, the national scrap lead battery recycling and comprehensive utilization of more than 90%, more than 50% of the total lead recycling, promote the national lead resource recycling system. In order to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure upgrade, paper from access and strengthen the close down backward production facilities, strict industry production license management, accelerate the cleaner production, strengthening the management of project examination and approval, etc. File is put forward, according to the lead battery, secondary lead related entry requirements, go through the existing enterprises, and publish to the society through the review list, and in accordance with the law imposed mandatory cleaner production audit, the audit list and. Environmental protection ministry will continue to strengthen environmental protection inspection and supervision, environmental protection organizations to carry out the lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead industry special verification, and announced to the public by checking the list of companies. Damage to the environment in order to prevent the backward production capacity, the lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead as key industries, backward production capacity, eliminated immediately open ordinary lead-acid battery capacity, and at the end of 2015 eliminated not through the verification, environmental protection is not in conformity with the requirements of backward production capacity. Issued by the ministry of 26 of the 2013 industrial energy saving and green development action plan for special notice, this year will focus on promoting green lead industry development plan. Special action to implement goals: reverse lead industry dispersed, chaos. Lead industry special operation is likely to accelerate the industry concentration increase, industry leading enterprises.
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