Solutions for wind-solar complementary street lights

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-24
Tags: The solution data of wind and solar hybrid street lights shows that the total number of existing urban and rural street lights in China is about 200 million, and it is growing at an annual rate of 20%. If these 200 million 400 watt or 250 watt high pressure sodium lights are all changed to 150 watts Or 100-watt wind-solar complementary LED street lights, and each street light works 12 hours a day, which will save 150 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in one year. But not all lots are suitable for replacement with wind-solar complementary street lights. 1. What is the starting current for the system load? What is the system load power? Is the output voltage and current DC or AC? According to the required load conditions, determine the selection of the side equipment of the wind and solar power generation system. 2. The geographical location of the street lamp to be erected (perennial sunlight and daily average wind speed). By examining the annual illuminance and annual wind energy reserves of the location of the street lights, including the average daily sunshine time and daily average wind speed, determine the percentage of the power generation of the solar power system and the wind power system. 3. The road-level standards of the street lights to be erected (single or double-lane, road length, road width, lighting brightness requirements) Determine the reasonable street lamp layout, including the single street lamp lighting range and street lamp spacing, and at the same time determine the minimum lighting standard wattage of the street lamp. Strive to achieve fewer street lights when the lighting meets the ideal requirements, so as to reduce the cost of street lighting systems. 4. Daily use of street lights (daily use time, using energy-saving double or triple open), in case of rainy days, the system can provide backup power application days. Determine the battery capacity and the power selection of the wind and solar power generation system according to the daily usage of the street light and the number of backup days of the street light system.
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