Solution to swelling of colloidal battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-28
Let's take a look at how to solve the swelling of the colloidal battery.  According to the above analysis, during the maintenance work, we have summed up the solution for the bulging of the gel battery. On the one hand, according to the characteristics of the gel battery, the following changes are made to the battery charging management software of the switching power supply:    1. In order to shorten the equalization time and avoid battery swelling caused by overcharging, reset the equalization and float charge conversion conditions and change the original set current The value of 10mA/Ah is changed as the equalizing charge conversion condition to change to the floating charge operation when the current value drops to 20mA/Ah.   2. Connect the temperature sensor of the switching power supply to the battery cabinet, so that the floating charge voltage of the switching power supply can be adjusted with the ambient temperature. Increase the over-temperature protection, when the temperature reaches 40 ℃, the system will automatically switch to floating charge operation to avoid battery bulging caused by continuous high-current charging. 3. In order to prevent the battery from overcharging and shorten the equalization protection time, the equalization protection time is changed from 18 hours to 10 hours (the equalization protection time is set to prevent battery thermal runaway, when the equalization current cannot be reduced to the set equalization When the current value of floating charge is changed, the system will be forced to change to floating charge within the specified time).  Four. Extend the timing equalization cycle to avoid over-frequency high-current equalization. Change the original set value of 100 days for the timing equalization cycle to 180 days.   5. Cancel the freewheeling and equalizing function of the switching power supply to avoid battery swelling caused by overcharging.   Through the above modification to the battery charging parameters, the main purpose is to avoid overcharging the gel battery by the switching power supply when the battery is fully charged. On the other hand, in order to prevent poor exhaust caused by the quality of the safety valve, attention should be paid to strengthening the inspection of the safety valve during the daily inspection. At the same time, battery manufacturers are required to further improve the quality inspection and manufacturing process of the safety valve to ensure that the safety valve is in good condition. After reaching the opening threshold value, the valve can be opened normally for exhaust.  Through the above treatment, after a period of observation, the gel battery has no more shell swelling phenomenon, and the operation is in a normal state. To sum up, in the high temperature environment in the south, according to the characteristics of the gel battery, the threshold current value and the equalization protection time of the equal charge to float charge should be set reasonably under the condition of ensuring that the battery is fully charged, to avoid the occurrence of gel in the battery overcharge. If the battery shell is swollen, it is necessary to protect the battery from over-temperature and strengthen the inspection of the safety valve. If the problem is found, it must be corrected in time to improve the efficiency and service life of the gel battery. In this way, the advantages of gel batteries, such as energy saving, reduction of lead and acid pollution, etc., are brought into full play.
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