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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-30
Yesterday, the domestic spot market lead to clinch a deal mainly concentrated in the morning, and lead smelting enterprises generally rised out yesterday; Downstream of the lead-acid battery enterprise procurement yesterday will increase a little, but demand is still limited. Operation, the lead-acid battery enterprise today can be appropriately increased purchases of inventory. From the United States, Japan and other automobile powers, powers of the developing trend of auto industry, the automotive industry in the process of popularization, automobile manufacturing, and sales tend to dominate the auto industry chain important profit position. Car dealerships, for example, there are industry analysts through the study of the historical data of U. S. dealers found that in 1985 the United States, the constituents of the dealer's profit by the contribution of new car sales profit ratio reached 77%, on the basis of estimating the corresponding new car sales in the dealer accounted for over 90% of the total, which is similar to China's current data. The Chinese refined lead consumption growth in 2012, we expect 12%. Considering the growth rate of 12 in 2011. 5%, and it is in the annual government of lead-acid battery industry consolidation and the refined lead consumption to achieve growth, under the condition of severely affected as a result, 12% growth this year is a relatively cautious predictions. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 1 to 2 month China lead-acid battery, a total of 22. 6 million kva capacity, increased 1. 7%. Based on production data, inventory change report and net trade volume of refined lead, apparent consumption of refined lead rose 3. 8%. This seems to be rumors with lead-acid battery manufacturers demand is relatively steady.
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