Solar battery is a big security spacecraft and astronauts safety -Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-25
Power supply is a big guarantee the safety of the spacecraft and astronauts, 811, experts say, design requirement for the power supply is & other; A failure is normal, the secondary fault safety & throughout; , that is, when there is a power failure, the spacecraft can perfectly normal flight, once appear, fault, the second will have enough power to ensure the instructions on the ground can be passed on to the spacecraft, indicating the helm ship immediately return to the ground. “ Of course, we have never been a failure. ” 811 experts said proudly. “ Spacecraft, the solar cell power generation, power supply is used in the illumination area, the shadow area with chemical batteries. ” Launch before, in 811, experts say a full charge, fire ignition and flight process are used in the chemical battery. Normal discharge is 1 - after a full battery chemistry 2 hours, this is considering the possibility of various factors in the flight, such as flight around the earth on the first lap assumes that the solar panels can't open, you need to fly to try again on the second lap, and flight around the earth a circle time is 91 minutes. “ 8 pieces of panels of solar wings, while 4 blocks, power is 1800 w. ” Expert introduction, by 811 solar cells to power a spacecraft, for battery charging. Fly around in a circle of 91 minutes, 54 minutes in the lighting area, 37 minutes in shadow areas, power supply design make full use of the 54 minutes. 811 experts are introduced, the power is on spacecraft & other; Large weight & throughout; Weight loss, so the design is critical, for decades, China's manned space development in power supply of the material, structure, and the types of chemical battery constantly updated, has reduced the weight to the can design a minimum.
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