Solar battery exports in November of record 33 months - Solar battery

by:Power Kingdom     2020-09-03
Learned from luoyang customs that in January to November, luoyang solar cell & other; Far away & throughout; 7 days, the United States and other countries, exports. 200 million yuan, from a year earlier, The same below) 3. 3%; Among them, 1 month exports faltered in November. 100 million yuan, an increase of 2. 7 times, record of 33 months. November export record high, according to customs statistics, the first 11 months of the year, exports of luoyang solar cells remain high, basic only in May and June falling downward. Among them, the monthly exports in November to 1. 100 million yuan, rose to 73. 2%, nearly 33 months ( Since September 2011) The highest monthly export. Luoyang solar cell & other; Husband's family & throughout; , Japan's most, in the first place. The first 11 months of the solar cell 5 exports to Japan. 500 million yuan, accounting for 76. Accounted for 2%, followed by the United States, 10. 3%. “ Apart from far away, and the United States, asean, India, Australia and so on is also a major export countries. ” Customs officials said. Of export enterprises, foreign invested enterprises to export accounted for ninety percent, the private enterprise exports accounted for 0. 1%. The relevant person in charge of international market demand picks up in luoyang customs said that the global photovoltaic market in Japan, the United States pv market fast growth, rapid recovery, also & other; Warm & throughout; Hot luoyang solar energy exports. At the same time, the concern is that the luoyang solar energy to the United States and other In export & throughout; And also push up the overall exports. In June, July, though the United States were preliminary decision on China's imports of crystalline silicon photovoltaic products countervailing duties and countervailing duties, but as a result of enterprise have long expected, luoyang pv companies & other; In export & throughout; , before the preliminary finished export. Customs statistics show that 2 - this year April luoyang solar cells of 39. 32 million yuan, exports to the United States in 65. From January to November 3%, pull the surge in exports to the us. Subsidy process simplified learned, countries are further more efforts to support distributed photovoltaic demonstration area, will simplify the subsidy funds to issue process, and to encourage local introduced various types of supporting policies. The director said: & other Power at present, countries have administrative rights to the department in charge of municipal energy to put on record, and each link is simplified, the recent preparation for demonstration area distributed photovoltaic projects for the record first, after the additional size indicators approach to management. It will arouse the enthusiasm of private enterprises to participate in the project construction, luoyang artest photovoltaic exports next year is expected to double. ”
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