Solar batteries are a major guarantee for the safety of spacecraft and astronauts

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-25
Power supply is a major guarantee for the safety of spacecraft and astronauts. Experts from the Institute of 811 said that the design requirements for power supply are 'one failure is normal, and the second failure is safe.' That is, when the power supply fails once, the spacecraft can completely fly normally. Once the second failure occurs, there must be enough power to ensure that instructions on the ground can be transmitted to the spacecraft, and instruct the astronauts to control the spacecraft to return to the ground immediately. 'Of course, we have never had a failure.' 811 experts said proudly. 'When the spacecraft is flying, solar cells are used to generate electricity and power in the illuminated area, and the shadow area is powered by chemical batteries.' Experts from the Institute of 811 said that the batteries are fully charged before the spacecraft is launched, and chemical batteries are used during launch and ignition and flight. . After the chemical battery is fully charged, the normal discharge is 1-2 hours. This is due to various factors that may occur during the flight. For example, when the solar panel fails to open normally when flying around the earth for the first time, it needs to fly for the second time. Try again, and the time to orbit the earth is 91 minutes.   'There are 8 battery panels in the solar battery wing, 4 on one side, and the power generation is 1,800 watts.' According to the expert of 811, the solar battery powers the spacecraft while charging the storage battery. In 91 minutes of flying around the ground, 54 minutes were in the light area and 37 minutes in the shadow area. The power supply design took full advantage of these 54 minutes. Experts from the 811 Institute also introduced that the power supply is the “heavy weight” on the spacecraft, so the weight reduction design is very important. Over the decades of the development of manned spaceflight in my country, the materials, structure and chemical battery types of the power supply have been continuously updated. The weight is reduced to the lowest limit that can be designed at present.
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