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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-19
At present, Japan USES is called & other; Time throughout the light &; Day and night switch electricity price system. Tokyo electric power famous, for example, & other; Economical 8 at night & throughout; And & other Buy 10 at night & throughout; Charging scheme, the former will be between 11 PM to 7 o 'clock in the morning of 8 hours, the latter will be between 10 PM and 8 am to 10 hours set to low power at night time. Each degree ( 千瓦时) The price of electricity, the former for 30 during the day. 87 yen, 11 at night. 33, 82 yen, the latter for the day. 6 the yen, to 12 at night. 06 yen. Therefore, during the day and the night of the price difference is the 19 per kilowatt-hour. 05 to 21. 54 the yen. For smart meter procurement, Tokyo electric and Japan's nuclear damages support organizations on November 19, 2012, issued demand proposal ( 招标书要求的建议): Proposal, began soliciting communication function. Scheduled to accept the proposal before the end of February, 2013, 3 ~ 4 month to determine supplier in 2013. Tokyo electric power plan within its jurisdiction, in 2018 before the import 17 million smart meters, before the 2023 annual import 27 million smart meters, complete import demand to all the family. Smart meters of universal will bring a huge change is that pricing according to the power supply and demand situation of dynamic pricing system will become easier to implement. Dynamic pricing is during the day in the summer and winter evening to raise prices, electricity shortage and when surplus electricity prices down in the night. At present, fukuoka, Japan, aichi prefecture, county of the city of Kitakyushu and Toyota city and other regions are in an empirical test. Stationary battery to into the ordinary families, and let users within the next 10 years to recover the cost, what kind of price is not feasible? For every day power consumption for 10 degrees of ordinary families, if set capacity of 4 KWH battery charged at night, will run out all these electricity during the day, a day can save about 80 yen of electricity. In this way, can save about 2 per year. 29, 920000 yen, save about 10 years. 20000 yen. That is to say, the capacity of 4 KWH of fixed price of battery is within 300000 yen to recoup costs within the next 10 years. But this price also include the transformation to the price of the power inverter and converter. That is to say, the price of the whole system must be in 7 per kWh. Below 50000 yen. However, with the popularity of smart meters, if began to import the dynamic pricing system, will be slightly changed. For example, if in the summer day and winter evening power nervous as the 100 yen per kilowatt-hour, late at night when the surplus electricity per KWH for 10 yen, its price difference is 90 yen. If two months in the summer at 1 PM to 5 PM for four hours, as well as two months of winter afternoon 4 PM to 8 PM use batteries to store electricity at night, could save 90 yen & times; 4千瓦时× 4 months = 4. 320000 yen. In addition, the other in pricing and the above & other; Time throughout the light &; The words of the same year can save electricity. 320000 yen ( The summer and winter a total of 4 months) + 1. 920000 yen ( 20 yen & times; 4千瓦时× The remaining eight months) = 6. 240000 yen ( The authors note: solar cells imported goes well in the future, compared with the summer daytime nervous, summer and winter evening electricity tension may be a bigger problem) 。 As a result, to 10 years to recover the cost, as long as prices at about 600000 yen to buy 4 KWH battery can be implemented. That is to say, the price of the whole system of 150000 yen per kWh. If you can realize every 1 kw for 7. 50000 yen, then 5 years can be back to this, and is expected to spread quickly.
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