Single battery temperature online monitoring

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-28
As the core of backup power supply, lead-acid batteries have attracted much attention for their reliability. Users in the industry have realized that in order to ensure that lead-acid batteries can reach their maximum reliable service life, they must be carefully maintained and regularly tested. In recent years, with the maturity of lead-acid battery management technology, online monitoring and management of lead-acid batteries has become possible. Common lead-acid battery online monitoring systems mostly use lead-acid battery voltage and internal resistance as the main monitoring parameters, supplemented by environment Temperature or group temperature. But for the battery itself, temperature is also a key parameter in battery monitoring. The international standard IEEE1188 stipulates that the room temperature or group temperature of the battery is usually limited to certain points. In practical applications, we have found that The user’s battery pack has a low temperature alarm for 6 batteries at the same time, but the room temperature in the dynamic loop monitoring system is 18 degrees and everything is normal. After the actual detection of the alarm batteries, it is found that the 6 batteries are installed near the battery room. Due to the damage of the insulation layer of the air outlet of the battery room and the failure of the pipeline, the two air outlets of the battery room are unbalanced in the room temperature, and some batteries are in a low temperature working state. Therefore, the temperature test of the single battery can send out early warning signals as soon as possible, find problems in time, design and allocate the layout of the battery more rationally, and effectively use the capacity of the battery.   Based on the influence of temperature on lead-acid batteries, monitoring the temperature of single batteries is not only used as a basis for improving the ambient temperature, but more importantly, it can provide accurate information for the charging design with 'temperature compensation'.  The service life technical indicators promised when lead-acid batteries leave the factory are based on the ambient temperature of 25℃. In practical applications, the charging voltage and life of lead-acid batteries will change with changes in temperature. When the ambient temperature rises by 1°C, the charging voltage of the single lead-acid battery drops by about 4mV. For a 12V battery, the float voltage at 25°C is 13.5V; when the ambient temperature drops to 0°C, the float voltage should be 14.1V; when the ambient temperature rises to 40°C, the float voltage should be 13.14V.   When the ambient temperature rises, the allowable float voltage threshold of the battery will gradually decrease. If the float voltage threshold is still a fixed value (13.5V for a 12V battery), it will inevitably put the battery pack in an 'overvoltage charging' working state, which will obviously accelerate the aging of the battery. When the temperature rises, the charging voltage should be lowered, otherwise the plate of the battery will be intensified by sulfuric acid corrosion, which will shorten its life. When the ambient temperature is lower than 25°C, the charging voltage should be increased to prevent insufficient charging.  Using the measured temperature signal of the single battery to automatically adjust the float voltage of the charger in real time, so as to put the battery pack in the best floating voltage-temperature working state, realize the temperature compensation function, and ensure that the battery reaches the designed life. The LEM Sentinel module is designed with a highly integrated Soc chip, which integrates the temperature, voltage and internal resistance of the single battery. While monitoring the voltage and internal resistance online, it can accurately measure the temperature of the single battery. It is an online monitoring of lead-acid batteries. The perfect embodiment of the system.   One of the parameters necessary to be tested in the regular maintenance of the finalized battery. Since different ambient temperatures will greatly affect the freezing point of the electrolyte and the activity of active materials in lead-acid batteries, in order to ensure the full progress of the chemical reaction, the batteries are generally designed at a standard ambient temperature of 25°C. The ideal working range is 21-27°C. A large amount of operating data proves that long-term unfavorable temperature will shorten the life of the battery. In addition, the capacity of lead-acid batteries is also related to temperature. About every 1℃ decrease in temperature, the capacity will drop by 1%. Therefore, manufacturers require lead-acid battery users to discharge 50% of the battery’s rated capacity in summer and 25% in winter. It should be charged in time. Temperature is a key parameter in the early detection of lead-acid battery problems. It is far from enough to rely on the battery room temperature or group temperature measurement in the battery online monitoring system. It cannot really prevent and protect the battery. If you want to truly realize the battery online monitoring For the purpose of early detection, early prevention, and early maintenance of the system, the measurement of the temperature of the single battery is essential. The Sentinel battery monitoring module provided by LEM fully considers the factors that affect the lead-acid battery in the design, making the monitoring of the temperature of the single battery simple and easy.
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