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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-17
Has the reporter learns from shenzhen protects inspect bureau, shenzhen protects inspect bureau and the shenzhen residential environment committee jointly plan the shenzhen environmental pollution compulsory liability insurance business listing, further defined environmental pollution liability insurance. Everything on the list of companies if not insured liability insurance as required, the pollution status of such information will be forced to open. The list includes 692 engaged in the management of dangerous chemicals production in shenzhen area, hazardous waste management, lead battery production, sewage and garbage treatment such as electroplating, PCB, printing and dyeing industry heavily polluting enterprise information with larger environmental risk. All enterprises in the 'list' must be insured in accordance with the relevant requirements of environmental pollution liability insurance. Cover the time from the beginning of this month to complete before the end of the year. Enterprises can choose insurance companies and products, according to the principle of voluntary consultation, equality and mutual benefit to insurance contract, pay insurance cost. To actively participate in environmental pollution liability insurance enterprise, the environmental protection departments in the enterprise credit management of environmental protection, the construction project for examination and approval of environmental protection, environmental protection, environmental protection verification punishment, discharge permit issued by the ( Renewed) , application of environmental protection special funds, transfer of hazardous waste management, hazardous waste management license issued by the transform and upgrade, green credit, and will support measures such as environmental management policy, give preferential treatment to give priority to solve the problems and needs of the enterprise. Should participate in the environmental pollution liability insurance without ginseng protect the enterprise in time, the environmental protection department will take the following measures to implement strict regulation: new pollutants including project environmental protection limited approval according to law; Shall not be green credit enterprise ( Green card) ; Shall not enjoy the government's environmental protection special fund; Compulsory for cleaner production audit; Discharge conditions such as environmental information compulsory public; Will be incorporated into the enterprise credit inquiry system and bank credit investigation system, and reduce its credit rating, credit limit its support; The enterprise's environmental is listed or refinancing risk control lack of insurance, etc.
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