Shenyang export 1. 12 million - battery-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-17
Battery can provide power for the vehicle not only, still can save electric energy, this is the origin of the name of the battery. ” Power supply & quot; And & quot; Electric storage & quot; For the battery discharge and recharge process. Battery belong to dc power supply, its main function includes: the engine starting, or low speed, because the car generator out of power or the voltage is very low, starter, ignition system, and at this time the car need electricity, electrical equipment all by battery supply. In the normal operation of engine, generator to the car power supply, electrical equipment for battery charging at the same time. When the automobile electrical equipment power consumption is too large, more than generator power supply capacity, together with the generator to the car battery power supply electrical equipment. At the same time, the battery is a high-capacity capacitor, can absorb circuit generated in the high pressure inside the car, thus to protect the car electrical equipment. Reporter Helen reported according to shenyang entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau statistics, in the first quarter, shenyang battery exports totaled 438 group, 1. 12 million, foreign exchange earning $15. 16 million, about 95. 5 million yuan, mainly exported to India, the Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Japan, the United States and other 23 countries and regions. This year, shenyang entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau of shenyang, northeast battery key enterprises, such as policy guidance, joint enterprises deal with the eu battery instructions and foreign technical trade measures, such as the battery instruction and provide technical support, to ensure the production and products meet the requirements of environmental protection, energy consumption; At the same time, through the implementation of classified management, direct release, the electronic supervision and quick customs clearance and regulatory measures, supervise the battery export enterprises to establish quality safety control key post responsibility system, promoting the international competitiveness of the shenyang battery export enterprises.
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