Shared batteries will become a hot industry in the shared industry

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-26
In the two sessions that just opened in March, battery recycling became a hot topic. The amount of waste lead-acid batteries recycled by the illegal recycling model accounted for 80% of the total production. It has long dominated the recycling market, resulting in a narrow and narrow living space for legal and regular recycling companies, forming a situation of 'bad money driving out good money'. In the electric car and battery car industries, discarded and scrapped storage batteries, lithium batteries and other products have caused serious battery pollution. In addition to battery pollution, battery car personnel privately pulled the charging line in the community and privately connected the charging head to charge the electric car. This caused a great safety hazard. There were also many electric car burning and explosion accidents across the country. Therefore, the government is very concerned about the battery problem. From 15 to the present, all parts of the country have been dealing with battery pollution and battery charging problems, but the results have not been so obvious. The emergence of shared batteries can just improve all aspects of battery problems. The government has also paid attention to shared batteries, and the implementation of shared batteries is also encouraged in the future. Shared batteries have broad market prospects, with a market size of hundreds of billions. At this stage, shared batteries are just needed for the food delivery industry and the express delivery industry. There are millions of electric vehicles used for express delivery and food delivery across the country. Once the shared battery is realized and the shared locations are in place, these cars will no longer be afraid that the car will run out, and it will save the car from finding a place to recharge every day. As a shared battery, there is a broader market. There are 250 million electric vehicles in our country, which are connected to the power supply for charging and charging by private cables, which have caused serious safety hazards. Once the shared battery can be implemented, there is no battery inside the electric vehicle after parking, and it does not need to be recharged, which is convenient for government management. Moreover, users do not need to buy batteries, which greatly reduces the cost of users' batteries. Avoid all kinds of irregular waste battery disposal, achieve zero pollution use of the battery, and use a cleaner use mode to subvert the tradition. What kind of model is the shared battery? In the future, electric vehicle users can search online for nearby smart switch cabinets that can replace batteries! He just needs to ride the electric bike, and then put the almost dead battery in the battery cabinet and take out the fully charged battery. The electric battery can be installed in an electric car. The battery can be changed in seconds, no need to wait, long-lasting battery life, and no need to buy electric vehicle batteries. The battery exchange cabinets of shared battery operators can be reasonably arranged according to the line, mileage, battery capacity, and number of electric vehicles. At present, the shared battery exchange cabinet is stronger for target customers and has unified standards for battery specifications and electric vehicle specifications. Of course, many risks can be avoided in management and safety. Once a company that does a shared battery finds a third-party system development company (Xingyuntu is a professional system developer for shared batteries), it can carry out a full-line layout. Your model can be self-operated, investment promotion, agency, and quickly move towards Nationwide. Therefore, making a shared switch cabinet is the trend of the future sharing industry, and it is also a rigid demand. The traditional battery industry can only be subverted if you put aside the shackles! Still stuck to the traditional electric vehicle supporting marketing model, will only be eliminated by the times! Shared battery, the sooner you enter, the more you can get it in the early stage of the industry A cup of pie, waiting for the big battery manufacturers to enter, you will not even have a chance to drink soup. Leading battery brands in the industry like Tianneng and Chaowei, if they don’t transform, they may become foundries for shared battery companies in the future.
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