Seven precautions to pay attention to when discharging the UPS power supplies of major brands on the market

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-10

UPS power supply has an important impact on maintaining data and preventing damage to machinery and equipment. Therefore, the correct use and maintenance of UPS power supply is particularly important.

1. When discharging the UPS power supply, there is no need to discharge the battery capacity in full, just put it to two-thirds of the rated capacity. Discharge can have the effect of activating the battery, and can also extend the operating time of the ups battery.

2. It is necessary to understand the approximate length of time the UPS power supply can be backed up before discharging. You can be prepared during the discharge to avoid the load failure caused by unprepared discharge when the discharge reaches the back-up time. Machine and equipment damage.

3. For medium and high-power PS power supplies, generally the rectifier and bypass input switch need to be designed independently, and the rectifier switch can be OFF to prevent the UPS from being able to switch to bypass operation immediately when the battery is discharged.

4. The UPS power supply computer room monitoring system consists of three parts: front-end equipment, client/server APP and PC large screen. Users can log in to the user terminal APP/PC to view the operating conditions and related parameters of the UPS equipment in real time, and they can also watch the protection directly on the large screen of the mobile phone. When an abnormality occurs, the alarm information can be synchronously received.

5. When discharging artificially, it is necessary to check the drop of the UPS battery voltage in real time, so that the mains input can be restored at any time.

6. If you can see the UPS battery, you need to check whether the battery is deformed or leaking.

7. If the UPS uninterruptible power supply itself has the function of active discharge setting time, the UPS uninterruptible power supply can be discharged by itself, so that it can judge whether the battery has the ability to discharge.

Reasonable maintenance and use of UPS must run through the entire life cycle of UPS. Therefore, punctual discharge of the UPS power supply can extend its service life.

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