Selective or by more than 60% - the lead-acid battery enterprises in China Lead-acid battery - Lead-acid battery enterprises

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-30
According to recently published 'China's battery industry investment and financing and merger and acquisition strategy research, 2012). 'Shows that with the increase of the state environmental protection department of industry consolidation strength and improving industry standards, the next three years the industry will face elimination, two-thirds of backward production capacity of lead-acid battery manufacturers will be reduced by more than 2000 to no more than 300, the industry concentration ratio is expected to be improved. Led by the ministry of industry and the environmental protection department of the lead battery industry access conditions ( Draft) In the ministry's official website, the advice is over. Industry told reporters that the possibility of future regulations drastically change is very small, a large number of unqualified lead-acid battery enterprises will be forced to stop production, coupled with the lead-acid battery is facing from the nimh battery and lithium ion battery replacement, the output of the lead-acid battery will gradually slow its growth. It is understood that the regulations ( Draft) To the lead-acid battery enterprise layout, new projects, and freeze the project presents a strict timetable. For example, banning construction and reconstruction of cadmium content is higher than 0. 002% ( Battery quality percentage) Or arsenic levels higher than 0. 1% of the lead battery and lead parts production projects; Existing cadmium content is higher than 0. 002% or arsenic levels higher than 0. 1% of lead battery and lead parts production line should be on December 31, 2013 to stop production, etc. Statistics show that at present domestic lead-acid battery more than 2000 enterprises, of which 2 billion yuan output value of more than about 10 companies, more than 100 million yuan of about 260 companies, the industry concentration is very fragmented. Making believe that the future means of industry consolidation will be in capacity constraints, the location of the technical limitations, restrictions and so on three aspects, many small and medium-sized enterprises will gradually quit, integration transformation and upgrade technology will become the main industry for the future development trend. , according to a report in the context of environmental governance, 2010 - 2011 two years, China's battery industry disclosure to 28 cases of m&a cases. Which, as a result of jiangxi and guangdong area is the concentration of lithium battery production of raw materials and battery production area, the most key areas become battery enterprise mergers and acquisitions.
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