Selection of UPS and Protection of Industrial Storage Battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-06

  The choice of UPS and the protection of industrial batteries

   For ordinary users, when choosing and purchasing UPS, they need to consider the three aspects of technical functions, service guarantees and product prices. factor. These three elements need to be summarized and balanced, taking into account the overall situation. Currently, there are many types of UPS that can be used in information networks. We usually refer to UPS as stop conversion, which can be divided into three categories: standby and online interaction. Under the background of the prosperity of the domestic UPS market, mud and sand are available, so you should pay attention to the following issues when choosing and purchasing:

   The main research results are as follows: (1) Not correct UPS conventional electrical function indicators If the requirements for conversion time, voltage frequency stability, and waveform distortion are too high, attention should be paid to the study of UPS output capability and reliability.

   (2) Choose UPS according to the type, standard and specific requirements of computer equipment, pay attention to the matching function and compatibility of the two.

  (3) According to the items and contents to be protected, select UPS, and calculate the power of UPS scientifically to ensure the accuracy of the power value.

   (4) Choose a supplier who can provide high-quality after-sales service, and pay attention to the brand of the product.

  (5) Consider the importance of load equipment processing information, the requirements of various electrical equipment for power supply quality, power supply equipment and space requirements, and investment scale.

  (6) When selecting UPS for network equipment, the network management capabilities and cross-channel management capabilities of the power management software should be considered.

  (7) When purchasing a UPS for telecommunication equipment, the UPS's non-linear load capability, noise suppression capability and high reliability should be considered.

  Different users have different requirements for UPS types. Individuals and home users can consider a backup UPS, which is cheap and lightweight, and is an ideal companion for personal computers. Enterprises and operators can choose to purchase backup UPS, or consider online UPS or online interactive UPS. When choosing and purchasing UPS, you should ask the merchant about the UPS capacity of the system according to the number of computers used in the computer room. At present, common lip brands in China include APC, Shante, MelanRilan, Sida, Huawei, etc.

  2 Problems that should be paid attention to in the application of UPS

   It is necessary to abide by the operating procedures when using UPS, and pay attention to the following Matters:

   (1) The UPS must be protected from direct sunlight and sufficient ventilation space must be reserved.

  (2) When using UPS, you must abide by the relevant regulations in the product specification to ensure that the front, neutral, and ground requirements are connected. The user does not

   have to change the order of each other at will.

  (3) Operate strictly in accordance with the correct turn-on and turn-off sequence. To prevent the UPS voltage output from fluctuating too much due to sudden loading or deloading, and normal operation cannot be performed.

  (4) It is forbidden to close and open the UPS frequently. It is generally required to wait at least 6 seconds after closing the UPS before reopening it from the beginning. Otherwise, the UPS may enter a 'start-up failure' condition, that is, the UPS enters a condition where there is neither mains output nor inverter output.

  (5) Prevent overloading. The maximum starting load of the UPS is best controlled within 80%. If it is overloaded, it will often break down the inverter triode under inverter conditions. Practice has proved that for most UPSs, controlling their load within the range of 30%-60% additional output power is the best way to work.

  (6) Regularly protect the UPS. Remove the dust in the machine, measure the voltage of the battery pack, replace the unqualified battery, check the operation of the fan, and check and adjust the system parameters of the UPS.

  3 Protection of battery packs

   Generally, UPS is widely used as a so-called sealed lead acid without protection Batteries are relatively expensive, and generally account for about 1/3-1/2 of the total production cost of UPS. Therefore, correct protection and maintenance of battery packs is the key to prolonging the service life of UPS. To this end, we should work hard to:

   (1) It is forbidden to over-current charging the UPS battery pack. Due to the simple overcurrent charging, the positive and negative plates inside the battery are bent, and the active material on the surface of the plates falls, resulting in a decrease in the available capacity of the battery, resulting in damage to the battery.

   (2) It is forbidden to charge the UPS battery pack over voltage. Due to overvoltage charging, the water contained in the electrolyte in the battery is electrolyzed into hydrogen and oxygen and escapes, thereby shortening the service life of the battery.

  (3) It is forbidden to over-discharge the battery pack of the UPS. Over-discharge simply sulfatizes the surface of the battery's internal plates, which results in an increase in the internal resistance of the battery, and even 'reverse polarity' phenomenon occurs in individual batteries, resulting in permanent damage to the battery.

  (4) Regarding the UPS that has not been used for a long time, in order to ensure that the battery has outstanding charging and discharging characteristics, it is best not to load the UPS before starting from the beginning. Use the charging circuit in the machine to float the battery for 10-15 hours before using it; Regarding the UPS that has been working for a long time in the backup condition, usually every other month, let it work in the inverter condition for at least 2 to 5 minutes to intensify UPS battery.


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