Question: What should I do if there are cracks in the outer cover and upper cover of the lead-acid battery after the warranty period?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-02
Label: Answer: If you find it in time while driving, you should plug the leak first. Pour the battery to the side that does not leak, dry the leaking electrolyte, dig out some sealing material on the battery cover, and heat it on the exhaust pipe to make up for the leak. If it is a long strip crack, use a hacksaw to cut the V-shaped groove before repairing it. For small cracks, adhesives can be used. The method is to first heat the cracks locally, and after they become soft, use a knife to cut the cracks into small v-shaped grooves, and then put the prepared resin cement into the area to be repaired and flatten it with paper, and put it in the room to harden by itself be usable.
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