Question: What is a valve-regulated lead-acid battery recombination

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-21
Label: Question: What is a valve-regulated lead-acid battery recombination? A valve-regulated lead-acid battery recombination means that one of the batteries in a battery pack is no longer usable or the voltage is excessively lower than the voltage of the same group of batteries. The replacement cost of the group is extremely high. In fact, we can take out the faulty or abnormal battery and rebuild the battery. Battery recombination has the following advantages: (1) The backward battery can be handled as soon as possible, so that it can return to normal working condition as soon as possible, so that the backward battery will not continue to deteriorate, even to the point of irretrievable.  (2) is conducive to give full play to the role of a good battery. After recombining qualified batteries, it is sometimes used as a set of new batteries.   (3) Take out damaged and unqualified batteries, and combine new batteries to help increase the capacity of the entire battery pack, so as to reliably ensure the DC power supply of the substation (distribution). However, it is worth noting that when there is no alternative, the brand must be the same when the new and old batteries are mixed. The voltage is basically the same after full power. So both
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