Question: The impact of large and small current discharge on UPS battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-28
Label: Q: The impact of high and low current discharge on UPS batteries. Answer: At present, many UPS manufacturers have fixed the battery's final discharge voltage under various battery capacities and various loads. This means that the battery energy cannot be fully utilized during high-current discharge, and it is very easy to cause deep discharge of the battery and damage the battery during low-current discharge. High current and low current are for battery capacity, for example, a 100Ah battery, when the discharge current is 0.5C, that is, 100×0.5Au003d50A or more, it is called high current discharge; discharge current less than 0.01C, or 1A, is called low current Discharge. Small current discharge can easily cause trickle discharge and cause permanent damage to the battery. Our research found that the greater the discharge current of the battery, the lower the allowable termination discharge voltage of the battery; on the contrary, the smaller the discharge current, the greater the allowable termination discharge voltage of the battery. It can be seen that the end-of-discharge voltage of the battery is variable. With the development of technology, our factory has proposed the automatic adjustment technology of the battery discharge termination voltage, which can automatically adjust the battery termination discharge voltage by monitoring the size of the discharge current in real time. This can not only protect the battery, but also maximize the use of battery power. Looking forward to the launch of new products.
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