Question: Is it better to choose lead-acid or colloidal solar cells?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-13
Tags: Q: Is it better to choose lead-acid or colloidal solar cells? Question: Is it better to choose lead-acid batteries or gel batteries for solar batteries? What's the difference? Answer: First of all, both of these batteries are energy storage batteries, and both are suitable for solar power generation equipment. The specific choice depends on your environment and requirements. Both lead-acid batteries and gel batteries use the principle of cathode absorption to seal the battery. When the battery is charged, the positive electrode will release oxygen and the negative electrode will release hydrogen. Oxygen evolution on the positive electrode starts when the positive electrode charge reaches 70%. The precipitated oxygen reaches the negative electrode and reacts with the negative electrode to achieve the purpose of cathode absorption. The hydrogen evolution of the negative electrode starts when it is charged to 90%, coupled with the reduction of oxygen on the negative electrode and the increase of the hydrogen overpotential of the negative electrode itself, so as to avoid a large number of hydrogen evolution reactions. The biggest difference between the two is the solidification of the electrolyte. For lead-acid batteries, although most of the electrolyte of the battery is kept in the AGM diaphragm, it is necessary to prevent the electrolyte from entering 10% of the pores of the diaphragm. The oxygen generated by the positive electrode reaches the negative electrode through this part of the pores and is absorbed by the negative electrode. For colloidal batteries, the silicon gel in the battery is a three-dimensional porous network structure composed of SiO particles as the skeleton, which encapsulates the electrolyte inside. After the silica sol poured into the battery turns into a gel, the skeleton will shrink further, causing cracks in the gel to penetrate between the positive and negative plates, and provide a channel for the oxygen precipitated from the positive electrode to reach the negative electrode. It can be seen from this that the sealing working principle of the two batteries is the same, and the difference lies in the way the electrolyte is 'fixed' and the way in which oxygen is supplied to the negative electrode channel. In addition, the two batteries are also very different in structure and technology. Lead-acid batteries use pure sulfuric acid aqueous solution as the electrolyte, and the electrolyte of colloidal sealed lead batteries is made of silica sol and sulfuric acid. The concentration of the sulfuric acid solution Lower than lead-acid batteries. Finally, the discharge capacity of the battery is also different. The colloidal electrolyte formula, control the size of the colloidal particles, incorporate hydrophilic polymer additives, reduce the concentration of the glue, increase the permeability and affinity for the electrode plate, use the vacuum filling process, and replace the rubber with a composite separator or AGM separator The separator improves the liquid absorption of the battery; the precipitation tank of the battery is eliminated, and the content of the active material in the plate area is appropriately increased. As a result, the discharge capacity of the gel-sealed battery can reach or approach the level of the open-type lead storage battery. AGM-type sealed lead batteries have less electrolyte, thicker plates, and lower active material utilization than open-ended batteries, so the discharge capacity of the battery is about 10% lower than that of open-ended batteries. Compared with today's gel-sealed batteries, its discharge capacity is smaller. In other words, the price of gel batteries will be relatively high.
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