Question: How to choose solar system accessories for 100W power

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-28
Tags: Q: How to choose solar system accessories for 100W power Q: How to choose accessories for a 100W power machine, if you use a solar system? Answer: 1. First, calculate the number of watt hours consumed per day (including the loss of the inverter): if the conversion efficiency of the inverter is 80%, when the output power is 100W, the actual output power required should be 100W /80%u003d125W; if it is used for 5 hours a day, the power consumption is 125W*5 hoursu003d625Wh. 2. Calculate the solar cell module: According to the daily effective sunshine time of 6 hours, taking into account the charging efficiency and the loss during the charging process, the output power of the solar cell module should be 625Wh/6h/70%u003d149W. Among them, 70% is the actual power used by the solar cell module during the charging process. 3. Solar battery capacity: using 149W power for 10 hours, its power supply current is 149W/12Vu003d12.4A, and the battery capacity is 12.4A*10Hu003d124AH, but in order to prevent the battery from over-discharging, the battery should maintain 30% capacity, so The capacity that the solar cell should choose is: 124AH*130%u003d162AH.
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