Question: How to buy batteries for outdoor refrigerators?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-24
Tags: Tags: How to buy batteriesQ: How to buy batteries for outdoor refrigerators? Answer: The voltage of the freezer is 220V. If the battery wants to reach this voltage, 19 batteries must be connected in series, but this is very inconvenient to carry and the cost is high. We can choose to use an inverter to reduce the battery voltage. Change AC voltage power supply. How to calculate the battery capacity? First of all, you must first understand the power of your freezer. Generally, there will be a small sign on the freezer with the power indicated on it. Its expression is: KWH/24 hours. For example, 0.75KWH/24 means the daily power consumption of the freezer is 0.75 KW (we said 0.75 kWh electricity, because the refrigerator does not work often). But this is only the data of the standard state of the laboratory. It is not empty or full, but a certain amount of things are loaded and measured after a certain period of operation. If calculated according to this situation, the average power of the refrigerator is 31.25W. However, more installations, high temperatures, frequent door openings, etc. will affect it, and will consume more electricity. For vendors selling ice drinks, the outdoor temperature is relatively high, and the freezer door is opened more often, so we expect the power of the refrigerator to be more than average Four times higher, that is, its power is 125W. So now, we choose the battery capacity, the battery voltage is generally 12V, and then according to the voltage provided by the DC system, calculate the number of Ah required for the power supply time, and finally divide it by the inverter efficiency and the depth of discharge. The inverter efficiency is generally above 0.8, which is marked on the inverter. So if you need to use it for 12 hours, the inverter efficiency is 0.85, the discharge depth is 0.7, and the battery is 12V, the capacity is: 125*12/12/0.85/0.7u003d210AH, you can choose two 100AH u200bu200bparallel connections.
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