Q: What is the end-of-discharge voltage of lead-acid batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-27
Label: Q: What is the end-of-discharge voltage of a lead-acid battery? Search in the site: Discharge termination voltage The termination voltage of a battery (abbreviated as termination) is the bottom line voltage value of battery discharge. When the battery is discharged to the end, the load voltage of the battery when the discharge is terminated is specified. *10.5V (The number of lead-acid batteries connected in series is indicated by 'n'). The voltage with load cannot be lower than this value (sometimes people often use the open circuit voltage to compare it is wrong, it should be the working voltage with load). Normal discharge termination voltage is lower than the rated voltage. It can be explained from the above that the battery will stop discharging after the lead-acid battery reaches the termination voltage.
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