Q: What is an inductive load and what impact will it have on UPS power?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-28
Label: Q: What is an inductive load and what impact will it have on UPS power? Answer: Inductive load is usually called inductive load with inductive parameters. Inductance is resistant to changes in current. The most commonly used inductive loads in households include electric fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., which are all typical inductive loads. Its characteristic is that when the current increases, when the current flowing through the inductive device changes, an induced electromotive force is generated at both ends, and its polarity prevents the current from changing. The increase in current will be prevented, and when the current decreases, it will in turn prevent the decrease in current. This prevents sudden changes in the current flowing through the inductor. So when the UPS power supply outputs an inductive load, what effect will it have? In fact, generally large UPS power supplies can be connected to inductive loads, which does not have much impact on the power supply. However, when some small UPSs are used, the starting current of the inductive load will often exceed 3 to 4 times the rated current, which will cause The instantaneous overload of the UPS affects the life of the battery.
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