Q: What is an explosion-proof battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-01
Tags: Q: What is an explosion-proof battery? An explosion-proof battery is an explosion-proof battery with explosion-proof performance. It can be used as a DC power supply for equipment in mines and factories with explosive gas atmospheres. It is reported that there are many accidents caused by battery explosions in our country every year. It is basically difficult to find out the accidents caused by the batteries in underground coal mines because the batteries are not explosion-proof. Therefore, great attention should be paid to the configuration of explosion-proof batteries. Explosion-proof batteries can be divided into three categories according to their characteristics: 1. Divided from the conditions of use: ordinary explosion-proof batteries and maintenance-free explosion-proof batteries 2. From the structure: electronic explosion-proof batteries; mechanical explosion-proof batteries; hybrid explosion-proof batteries; 3. From charging and not charging: disposable explosion-proof batteries, secondary explosion-proof batteries,
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