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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-18
Good habit is the most important, in fact, bought the right battery is only a first step, how to develop good habits in the future is the key. May have the owners ask: drive will have good habit to fuel-efficient, why haven't you heard of storage battery also should have good habits? In fact, it has to do with the characteristics of the battery. Expert introduction, as described above, if there is no battery, will discharge. If discharge for too long, finally will cause the deficiency of battery or simply did not have electricity. Such consequences will cause the car won't start. If to this step? Experts said that this time can & other; A lift charging & throughout; , between the car and the car connect battery recharged. But if it is too long, have no electricity, at this moment & other A lift charging & throughout; Is no good, can only take the battery out, special for charging with the charger. And in order to avoid the emergence of this situation, how to maintain at ordinary times, namely the use of form a good habit is key. And maintain the key, is don't often let the battery in the condition of discharge for a long time. “ If often is in a state of not fully charged, will shorten the life of a battery. ” Because this expert suggests, if you know the will for a long time not to drive, that every 10 days, you'd better go in a car, and then wait a few minutes, good let the battery charge. And usually also often drive, want to see the downtown is often just short work, & other; If only long-term urban commuting distance only 10 kilometers, is easy to bad, because often under charge. ” Therefore, if this is the case, every once in a while, you'd better run a long distance.
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