Q: Can a home solar system really save money?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-29
Tags: Q: Can a home solar system really save money? Answer: According to the current situation, the solar energy system has gradually matured in technology. It symbolizes low-carbon, environmental protection, and represents the development of society toward environmental protection and energy saving. Some people just want to replace the city power supply at home with a solar system, which is not environmentally friendly and saves money. The answer is not as perfect as imagined. 1. The cost of solar energy system is relatively high. If the price of a system that can supply electricity to ordinary households is used to buy city electricity, it may be used for several years. 2. The maintenance cost is high. The mains does not need to be maintained, and the solar battery has a certain life span. Generally, it needs to be replaced every three to five years. The most expensive battery in the entire solar system is the battery. Therefore, if your home is in a place where electricity is widespread, it is more cost-effective to use city electricity. The solar system is not as economical as expected.
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