Overview of UPS battery trickle charging

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-22
Label: Overview of UPS battery trickle charging Trickle charging is used to make up for the capacity loss caused by self-discharge of the battery after it is fully charged. It is also called maintenance charging (floating charging). Batteries in DC power supply systems such as telecommunications equipment, signal systems, UPS power supplies, etc. are mostly in a trickle charge state after being fully charged for use during discharge. In daily life, mobile phone charging is also trickle charge. When UPS battery is floating charge (trickle charge) charging, the charging voltage is 2.275V/single cell (the set value at 20°C), and it is charged with a constant voltage or a current below 0.002CA for constant current charging. When the temperature is below 0C or above 40C, it is necessary to correct the charging voltage. With 20C as the starting point, for every degree change, the single cell voltage changes -3mv. If the total voltage during the charging process or the indicator value of the voltmeter on the indicator plate deviates from the reference value (±0.05V/single cell) during floating charging, the cause should be investigated and dealt with.
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