Our province to promote lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead industry transformation and upgrading of green - Lead-acid battery

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-22
Recently, the province in conjunction with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology hall made relevant department under the State Council issued 'the henan province to promote the development of lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead industry standard work plan, put forward a number of measures, such as imposing strict access in 2015 to promote the waste lead-acid battery recycling and comprehensive utilization rate of 90% or more, more than 50% of the total lead recycling, promote the province's lead resource recycling system, speed up the green transformation and upgrading of the industry. Is a strict industry access management and production license. To speed up the province of lead-acid battery, secondary lead production enterprise census and access audit, and publish a list approved enterprise. In strict accordance with the requirements of environmental protection and industry access conditions, identify new applications or to issue production licenses to the enterprise, the cancellation in accordance with the law to ban the production license of the enterprise. And announcement by review the list of companies. Application or to issue production licenses of enterprises to meet the requirements of environmental protection and industry access conditions, to the enterprise in accordance with the law to ban cancelled the production license. The second is strengthening backward capacity elimination. Eliminate all 50000 tons the following secondary lead by the end of the year and opening type ordinary lead-acid battery capacity ( Single series of production capacity) And the crucible melting, direct coal reverberatory furnace and other secondary lead process and equipment. Have not through the announcement of the ministry, access to the ministry of lead-acid battery and secondary lead production enterprises, shall be included in the backward production capacity out for the next fiscal year. 3 it is to strengthen the management of project examination and approval. In strict accordance with the industry access conditions and requirements of environmental protection, strengthen the lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead new and change, the expansion project for the record management, it is strictly prohibited in important eco-function areas, lead impregnation overweight area and heavy metal pollution prevention and control of new, change, the expansion of the lead in the area of key pollutants. Four is mandatory cleaner production audit. In accordance with the law of all lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead industry enterprises implement compulsory clean production audit, the relevant departments the mandatory audit enterprise cleaner production list regularly every year, every 2 years for a cleaner production audit. Five is to accelerate the progress in the industry. Increase the intensity of new type lead-acid battery technology research and development, promote the internalized into, no cadmium, intelligent fast curing chamber and other advanced and mature technology of existing enterprises to upgrade technology and organize the implementation of lead-acid battery produced, punching, continuous casting and rolling plate grid manufacturing technology application demonstration project. Speeding up waste lead-acid batteries harmless regeneration equipment research and development and application of key technologies. Six is to strengthen environmental protection verification and supervision. This year in the province to carry out the lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead industry environmental protection special verification action and announcement enterprise verification. Every year for lead-acid battery and secondary lead enterprises to carry out supervision and monitoring, the excess emissions of the corporate governance in accordance with the law, to ensure that the national standards. Seven is regulating the behavior of enterprise environmental protection. For lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead enterprises to implement effective environmental management system, construction of lead smoke and lead dust, acid mist and perfect facilities such as the wastewater collection, treatment, and ensure the stable operation of facilities and standards. A sound system of blood lead regular inspection, improve the workplace environment, strengthen the worker labor health protection. Eight standard is to establish a recycling system. Improve the scrap lead-acid battery recycling system construction, regulate the behavior of individuals and units of recycling, further integration and regulating the recycling of waste lead acid storage battery. Prohibited without the license to operate or not according to the license to engage in related business activities. To crack down on illegal dismantling and lead smelting method, etc; Support lead regeneration recycling demonstration project construction.
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