Our province promotes the green transformation and upgrading of the recycled lead industry-

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-26
A few days ago, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, in conjunction with relevant provincial departments, formulated and issued the 'Work Plan for Promoting the Standardized Development of Lead-Acid Battery and Recycled Lead Industry in Henan ProvinceThe recovery and comprehensive utilization rate of acid batteries has reached more than 90%, and the proportion of lead recycling exceeds 50%. This will promote the formation of a lead resource recycling system in the province and accelerate the green transformation and upgrading of the industry. The first is to strictly manage industry access and production licenses. Speed u200bu200bup the province's general survey and access review of lead-acid batteries and recycled lead production enterprises, and announce the list of companies that have passed the review. In strict accordance with environmental protection requirements and industry access conditions, confirm new applications or re-issue production licenses, and cancel the production licenses of banned enterprises in accordance with the law. And announce the list of companies that have passed the review. Enterprises that apply for or re-issue production licenses must comply with environmental protection requirements and industry access conditions, and enterprises that have been banned in accordance with the law shall cancel their production licenses. The second is to increase the elimination of backward production capacity. By the end of this year, we will eliminate all the production capacity (single-series production capacity) of recycled lead and open-type ordinary lead-acid batteries below 50,000 tons, crucible smelting, and direct coal-fired reverberatory furnaces and other recycled lead processes and equipment. All lead-acid batteries and recycled lead manufacturers that have not passed the access announcements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Environmental Protection will be included in the next year's outdated production capacity elimination plan. The third is to strengthen project approval management. Strictly follow the industry access conditions and environmental protection requirements, strengthen the record management of new, modified, and expanded lead-acid batteries and recycled lead projects, and strictly prohibit new or modified projects in important ecological function areas, areas with excessive lead contamination and key areas for the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution. , Expansion of lead pollutant discharge projects. The fourth is to promote mandatory clean production audits. All companies in the lead-acid battery and secondary lead industries shall be subject to mandatory clean production audits in accordance with the law. The relevant departments regularly publish the list of mandatory clean production audit companies every year and conduct clean production audits every two years. The fifth is to accelerate the technological progress of the industry. Increase the research and development of new lead-acid battery technology, promote advanced and mature technology such as internal chemical conversion, cadmium-free, intelligent rapid curing room, etc. to carry out technological transformation and upgrading of existing enterprises, and organize the implementation of lead-acid battery pull-net, punching, and connection Casting and rolling grid manufacturing technology application demonstration project. Accelerate the development and application of key technologies and equipment for the large-scale harmless regeneration of waste lead-acid batteries. The sixth is to strengthen environmental inspection and supervision. This year, the province will carry out a special environmental protection inspection action for the lead-acid battery and recycled lead industries and announce the company's inspection status. Supervise and monitor lead-acid batteries and recycled lead enterprises once a year, and administer the enterprises that exceed the standards in accordance with the law to ensure that the emissions meet the standards. Seven is to standardize environmental protection behaviors of enterprises. Implement effective environmental management systems for lead-acid batteries and recycled lead enterprises, build complete facilities for the collection and treatment of lead fumes, lead dust, acid mist, and waste water, and ensure the stable operation of the facilities and discharge standards. Improve the regular blood lead inspection system, improve the workplace environment, and strengthen the labor health protection of employees. The eighth is to establish a standardized and orderly recycling system. Improve the construction of the recycling system for used lead-acid batteries, standardize the recycling behavior of individuals and units, and further integrate and standardize waste recycling channels for used lead-acid batteries. It is forbidden to operate without a license or to engage in related business activities in violation of the license. Severely crack down on illegal dismantling and smelting of lead by indigenous methods; support the construction of demonstration projects for lead regeneration and recycling.
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