Operation and maintenance of the valve-controlled battery microcomputer monitor

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-22
The microcomputer monitor is controlled according to data such as the terminal voltage value of the battery pack in the DC power supply device, the AC input voltage value of the charging device, the DC output current value and the voltage value. The operating personnel can set and modify the operating parameters through the keyboard or buttons of the microcomputer. There is a microcomputer monitor LCD or fluorescent screen on the DC cabinet at the operating site, and all operating parameters can be monitored and controlled. The remote dispatching center can also monitor on the display screen through the 'three remote' interface, and can also control the operation mode of the DC power supply device through keyboard operation. Once the DC power supply device of the microcomputer monitor is put into operation, the parameters can only be checked through the display button. If all are normal, the setting parameters cannot be changed at will. If the microcomputer monitor does not work well during operation, the program can be revised and re-tuned. If it fails to reach the required operating mode, start manual operation, adjust to the required operating mode, and exit the microcomputer monitor-hand it over to the professional for inspection and repair before putting it into operation.
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