Operating status of battery packs in communication base stations

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-25
The operating conditions of the battery packs of communication base stations are mainly caused by insufficient investment in the maintenance of the battery packs. The first is the investment of personnel and equipment. Secondly, in the past ten years, China Unicom has been committed to infrastructure The subsequent maintenance of the facilities has not been invested enough and has been lagging.   The probability of problems in power equipment, communication switching equipment, air conditioners, etc., has been greatly reduced. This is because the stability of these products has been improved with the development of technical levels. However, due to the development of the battery's own technology and the imperfect maintenance of the battery, it should be the focus of ensuring the safe operation of the base station.  In practical applications, batteries often begin to deteriorate after one year of use. The deterioration of batteries that have been used for more than 5 years is very serious and cannot reach the nominal capacity. There are two problems in this:    First, the battery manufacturer predicts the service life of the battery in a relatively ideal state, and the rural power grid in our province is frequently upgraded, and the base station often loses power, causing the battery service life to be significantly lower than theoretical Value;    Second, in the use of the battery, the backward battery is not found in time in the early stage of the battery pack deterioration, which causes the accumulation and aggravation of the battery pack deterioration, leading to the premature scrapping of the battery. The current charging mechanism of the battery pack of the base station is completed by the high-frequency switching power supply, but from the operating characteristics of the battery pack itself, the current communication power supply for the charging and discharging mechanism of the battery is obviously imperfect, which is also the premature failure of the current battery pack. An important reason. Charging mechanisms such as pulses will greatly reduce the premature failure rate of the battery pack.
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