One thousand catties of theft - battery-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-26
Take keys to open the door of the mobile communication base station, three men monkeying around for a while, carry out from the room one thousand jins of & other; Big guy & throughout; And almost no attract the attention of people around you & ndash; — To pretend to be staff work, three men since march of this year, successively in jimei, lake, deep, more than 10 mobile communication base station steal battery. Recently, the three suspected theft suspect and a fence of jimei police arrested one of the gang. These stolen battery, main function is in an emergency situation, such as lightning or repair as the standby power running mobile communication base stations. Handling the case of jimei punishment big theft criminal reconnaissance squadron, the battery cost is expensive, the price of a set of batteries in about 60000 yuan, but the thieves to sell scrap would sell stolen goods, the price of a set of batteries will sell about 4000 yuan. It is understood that the stolen base station is located in jimei central city on the top floor of workshop, this year on March 10, the police received a report to the police, through the investigation, police found in the base station is actually stolen on March 6. In fact, most of the stolen base stations have such problems: be & other; Looting & throughout; After a lot of genius was found. This was related and suspects' methods: has a base station key almost all of them in broad daylight & other; Operation & throughout; , it is not easy to catch suspicious. As for these keys to come from, the police investigation found that principal benefit a had once worked in a company related to communications company, basic, so to speak, this is a & other; Former employees & throughout; Steal & other; Old club & throughout; In the case. Fortunately, the stolen base stations are not functional fault occurs after the incident. Police introduction, since march, three gang has a dozen battery, theft losses caused at least 600000 yuan. Their & other; Throughout the last ticket &; Occurred in deep, by monitoring the comparison and a series of investigation, in the end, three theft workers in deep ambush at a nearby police arrested one of the rental housing, a distribution personnel also followed in xiang 'an. Most of these stolen battery at a low price to provincial battery maker for renovation, at present, the police are on the case for further investigation.
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