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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-18
Battery is the nerve center of electric circuit, the performance good or bad directly affects the normal work of the vehicle. But due to some drivers and maintenance staff to maintain the use of the storage battery don't understand or not value, resulting in early damage to the battery, or even damage to other electrical equipment. Now some small make up for in daily work in myth: one: ignore the vent of battery new battery cover the vent on the general sealing, must be remove adhesive paper, otherwise the stomatal cannot be ruled out gas in chemical reactions, due to an explosion caused by high pressure. Second: the battery charge capacity and engine does not match the starting current of motor generally 150-200 - a, even at low temperature to 300 a. If the charge capacity and engine don't match, hours of battery charge quantity, the startup resistance increase, intense discharge, battery will speed up the active material per unit time and the reaction of sulfuric acid, make the battery ultra-high temperature, load and deformation caused by the plate bending, active material loss, plate early damage, make the battery life. If the car with the battery of large capacity, the active substance is not fully used, resulting in a decline in economy. When loading is according to the starter battery power, voltage and the load of electrical equipment, decided, so in exchange, it is important to note that match the engine charge capacity. Thirdly, the electric car battery add distilled water too freely in the battery usually after adding the water, must make the car run for a period of time, through the generator for battery charging, distilled water and electrolyte mix, battery performance is not affected. Conversely, if not running after add distilled water, distilled water and electrolyte is not fully mixed, can cause the polarity of the battery self-discharge of or damage to the battery. Four: the new battery is not rechargeable battery charge for the first time is called the first charge for the first time, for the first time has great influence on the service life of the battery charging. Without charge, that is, add water use directly, the battery capacity is not high, life is short; If direct charging, will shorten the life. Usually the initial charging battery is in after filling the electrolyte, with a small current charging about 1 hour to install and use.
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