Mixed use of old and new batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-25
Batteries are an indispensable part of cars, and can be divided into traditional lead-acid batteries and maintenance-free batteries. The maintenance-free battery uses a lead-calcium alloy as a grid, so the amount of water that is generated during charging is small, and the amount of water evaporation is also low. In addition, the case is sealed, and the sulfuric acid gas is released. Compared with the traditional battery, it has the advantages of not needing to add any liquid, connecting the terminal pile head, and long power storage time. Many people know the function and use of batteries, but it should be noted that many of these methods are wrong.  Misunderstanding 1: The battery charge capacity does not match the engine.    Reasonable selection of the battery charge capacity according to the engine type and operating conditions is one of the important ways to improve the economy of the battery and prolong its service life. When the engine is started, the battery output current is very large, under normal circumstances it is 150A-200A, and the output current is as high as 250A-300A when starting at low temperature (-10°C). If the charge capacity of the battery does not match the engine, and the charge capacity of the battery is too small, when the starting resistance is large, the battery with a small charge capacity will accelerate the reaction of the active material and the sulfuric acid per unit time and increase the temperature of the battery when the battery with a small charge capacity is violently discharged. High, the electrode plate will bend due to overload, resulting in a large amount of active material falling off, the electrode plate is damaged early, and the battery life is greatly shortened. If the charge capacity of the battery is too large, although the above-mentioned problems will not occur, its active material cannot be fully utilized, which will reduce the economy of the battery. Therefore, the charge capacity of the battery must match the engine. Generally, the choice of battery charge capacity should be based on the power, voltage of the starter and the load of the electrical equipment.  Misunderstanding 2: Mixed use of new and old batteries   In the use of batteries, sometimes new and old batteries are used in series. As everyone knows, this approach will shorten the service life of the battery. The new battery contains more chemical reaction materials, higher terminal voltage and lower internal resistance. The terminal voltage of the old battery is low, and the internal resistance is large. If the new battery and the old battery are mixed in series, the charging voltage at both ends of the old battery will be higher than the charging voltage at both ends of the new battery in the charging state, which will cause the new battery to be not fully charged and the old battery to be charged too high. In the discharging state, the charge capacity of the new battery is larger than that of the old battery, which causes the old battery to over-discharge, and even causes the old battery to reverse polarity. Therefore, the battery must not be mixed with new and old batteries.  Misunderstanding 3: Parallel and mixed use of batteries    When some drivers start the engine, because the original battery has insufficient power, they use a fully charged battery in parallel. In fact, a battery that is fully charged in parallel will charge the battery with insufficient charge with a large charging current, which will easily cause the active material of the plate to fall off, affecting its service life. At the same time, the parallel connection of the batteries cannot provide a large starting current to the starter, which is even more unfavorable for starting the engine. The correct method should be to remove the battery with insufficient charge, replace it with a fully charged battery, and then start the engine.
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